Gaur – Cracked

Gaur - Cracked

This tune deserves your full attention. Haven’t heard electro this groovy in a while. Support Gaur’s debut release by throwing 50 pence at Remit Sounds Bandcamp page. While you’re at it, have a listen at Elliottgregg‘s superb debut release as well and  snatch yourself a copy of ‘Thank you, so very much’ via KMB.

Gaur – Cracked [buy via Remit Sounds]

Elliottgregg – Thank you, so very much [DL via KMB]

Madvillain – Bistro (II Remix)

The French duo II caught me by surprise. Out of nowhere I received a message with a link to their newest track. Unaware of what was in store, I clicked on the damn thing, which wasn’t a poor life choice in the slightest. Their remix for Madvillian is a sublime piece of music. Definitely give them a check-out same way I did, you won’t regret it.

Madvillain – Bistro (II Remix) (Free Download)

Moodprint – Moodprint EP

There is nothing better than waking up and having a fresh and promising project show up on your feed. Today’s pleasant news comes from the collab between two young Belgian artists ‎Poldoore & Alectric and is dubbed Moodprint. Their debut EP shows more than just promising potential as it is right up there with the greatest in the genre. Each song feels so unique, yet the whole package fits together wonderfully, taking you from floating ambient strings  to energetic chillroom vibes. Join the trip by visiting the band’s Bandcamp page and give them a like on Facebook. I’m very much looking forward as to what the future holds for these young producers, something tells me it can only be good.

Moodprint – Moodprint EP (Free Download)

Reilly Steel – Post Pillow Talk Vol. 1

Bass music and deep house go hand in hand so well, offering the relaxating waves of bass on one hand, and the translucent synths on the other. Reilly Steel is no stranger to any of this as he blends them together quite niftily. Make love to his tunes or fall asleep to them, do as you please with them but whatever you do, download them now!

Reilly Steel – Post Pillow Talk Vol. 1 (Free DL here)

Posthuman – In Apophenia

When on the train home today, I was listening to ‘Abe Duque & Blake Baxter – What Happened? (Marc Romboy’s Retro Re-Rub)’. In the song, the MC is preaching about the current EDM scene and is constantly wondering about what happened. Besides it being a great tune, it also makes a simple point. Things have changed and are constantly changing, some for better, other for worse. Personally, I am pretty pleased to be able to experience this generation of music in general. There are prodigies popping up around every corner and new scenes burst out of nowhere. Of course you got your usual shitstains, but you just buy yourself a box of cue tips and you’re good to go.

Anyhoo as to where I am going with this (nowhere). Posthuman just came out with a sublime audiovisual treatment of Stanley Kubrik’s classic ‘2001 a Space Oddysey’. This one takes you back in time (and space haha) with its quality techno and is worth sitting the whole way through. Not kidding, watch this thing till the freaking black screen at the end. As DJ Hell would say: “Don’t play a 5 minute version of a 10 minute song!”

Posthuman – In Apophenia 

Jérémie Périn

I’ve always been a sucker for a good music video, however they seem to be rather rare. Especially electronic music videos are often composed of chopped and glued old movie bits, which to me looks rather cheap. Anyhoo, a random post on 9gag caught my attention as it was about a fucked up music video. The thing appeared to be animated by Jérémie Périn who, upon a quick search, has got a sick mind. Definitely worth watching are the two videos below.

DyE – Fantasy (Official Video)

Flairs – Truckers Delight

If you like this kind of style, be sure to support him and his colleagues on their upcoming project by liking the facebook page. The zombies will thank you for it.

Apocalypse Pizza Vidéo

Mr Oizo – Stade 3 Free EP

Howdie! Mr Oizo has just released his new 7 track EP titled Stade 3. The entire package is available for free on his website, which happens to be entertainingly weird. So make sure to head over there and order ‘today’s special’.